About James Hedge

Hello world,
I am a figurative painter, concerned with observational drawing and painting and I have a particular passion for Landscape Painting. When fully immersed in painting nature it is possible to sense wonder and timelessness. Nature manifests as a constant breaking wave, fresh, without beginning or end.

Landscape Painting is intensely practical. You have to get to your location and commit yourself to the process. It is a full-action, it can’t be done half-heartedly. It involves all the senses and when it goes well it is very pleasurable, and carries considerable significance.

I moved to Devon in 2003 after graduating from Glasgow School of Art and since living in the southwest I have created a series of portfolios, mostly landscape and figurative/portrait painting.

I also work with schools, hospitals and museums running projects  i.e. Murals, Animation, Printmaking.

“Then, Bāhiya, you should train yourself thus: In reference to the seen, there will be only the seen. In reference to the heard, only the heard. In reference to the sensed, only the sensed. In reference to the cognized, only the cognized. That is how you should train yourself. When for you there will be only the seen in reference to the seen, only the heard in reference to the heard, only the sensed in reference to the sensed, only the cognized in reference to the cognized, then, Bāhiya, there is no you in connection with that. When there is no you in connection with that, there is no you there. When there is no you there, you are neither here nor yonder nor between the two. This, just this, is the end of stress.”
— BUDDHA: Ud 1.10 PTS: Ud 6 Bāhiya Sutta: Bāhiya translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

James is self employed and takes comisions on a limited basis. Inquire about his availability: